Greek Cuisine


     Ever since Alexander the Great extended the Greek Empire toIndiain 350 B.C.E., Greek food has been a unique mix of many countries’ cuisines.  Yes, Greek food does have its own unique taste, but a lot of it has been influenced by different Eurasian cuisines, such as that of India and Rome. 

     Ingredients that are often used in Greek food are olive oil, bread, wine, cheese, and nuts.  Spices and herbs are also used very often, which is the reason for the strong flavor that exists in many Greek delicacies. 

    Greek food is one of the cuisines included in the Mediterranean Diet.  For thoseof you who don’t know, the Mediterranean Diet is a type of diet that is recommended by doctors.  According to experts, this type of diet reduces the risk of heart disease because of its large emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and spices.  So whenever you’re eating Greek food, just remember, it’s healthy for you.

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